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Dental Medicine


In the last 20 years small animal dental medicine has evoloved immensely. The socialisation of our pets has made them more important in our lives and their health is something we are more and more aware of.

Poorly controlled dental hygiene can have important consequences for the health state of your pet. Over 20 % of dental disease that we see originates from poor hygiene.

Stomatitis and gingivitsare are inflammatory lesions in the mouth caused by plaque accumulation and tartar on the surface of the teeth. This can be avoided by regular teeth cleaning and tartar removal under anesthetic by your vet. With a lack of hygiene these inflammatory processes develop into parodontitis and parodontosis and if this happens the supporting tissue around the tooth will be affectied causing the tooth to loosen and eventually fall out. Deeper infections may then also occur.

Tooth fractures are also commonly seen, especially in dogs that play with stones. Left untreated these lesions can cause the vital part of the tooth to become infected which is extremely painful. If the fracture is treated early enough the tooth can be saved.

We also treat malocclusion problems with orthodontic techniques.




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