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Tooth Fractures


Tooth fractures are fairly common, especially in dogs that pick up or play with stones. Most frequently it is the premolars, the canines or the incisives that are affected respectively. When a dog fractures a tooth there are two possibilites : the pulp is affected (live part of the tooth) and the affected tooth will start to bleed. This tooth needs to be treated immediately.

If the pulp is not affected there will be no bleeding but it is important to treat the fracture none the less, to avoid further complications.

Be aware that an old fracture mais be present and you may never have seen the tooth bleed. The tooth will contain a black central lesion which is the necrosis of the pulp. In these cases a periapical (around the root) abcess can develop and it is important to remove the tooth.

There are two treatments for dental fractures :

  1. Pulp capping : the tooth vitality will be maintained
  2. Root canal therapy : the tooth is conserved but becomes devitalised.

After this, it is possible to shape the affected tooth and place a crown on it.




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